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ABOUT US - Inside the box The Curtainbox Theatre Company was founded in Los Angeles, California, in May of 2001 and became a reality thanks to the collaborative efforts of five very different people with five very different strengths. Kimberly Furness, founder and President, brought a passion for the classics and a love for the business that is entertainment. Dalia Vosylius brought to the group a love for the absurd and avante garde. Kyle Bornheimer brought an element of comedy and wild spontaneity. David Furness brought his eye for creating pictures and structure. And Allison Francis brought knowledge of theatre both on stage and off that would serve as the glue that kept them all connected and moving forward toward a common vision. With five such diverse individuals, they knew that together they had the ability to create something new and exciting for live theatre, and with the simplest of means, they began The Curtainbox.

In September of 2001 they launched the company with a production of Pizza Man by Darlene Craviotto at the Rose Alley Theatre in Venice, California. Over the following three years, The Curtainbox Theatre Company put on productions as time and money would allow, among them Two Rooms by Lee Blessing at The Complex in Santa Monica and Three Viewings by Jeffrey Hatcher at The Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood.

In 2005, The Curtainbox went on hiatus while company founder Kimberly Furness and her husband David re-located to the Quad Cities. Although the remaining three original members still reside in California, they are an important part of our team and continue to give their support in all we do.

In June of 2008, The Curtainbox put up its first production in the Quad Cities, a re-mount of Jeffrey Hatcher's, Three Viewings. It was received with stellar reviews and fantastic audience turn-out. The Curtainbox has two new company members, David Bonde and Joe Janz. The Curtainbox is excited about the possibilities that the Quad City arts community presents and the potential new members that may join the ensemble. We ask you to join us at upcoming productions and support this new company of artists as we look forward to our continued adventure.

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