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We LOVED the play! Outstanding! I had flashbacks to my seven years at Columbia Pictures. : ) If I rave more you won't think I'm serious. But, Wow! Cool set. Everyone was just great. Mike was amazing. Great, great, great!  
Kelly (Patron after seeing Speed-The-Plow)
My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed Saturday evening!  What a great production!  We were knocked out by the actors.  We were so impressed by the energy and the passion on stage.  The set was way cool.  On top of all that, we were so pleased to participate in your fund raiser.  We live in Geneseo and talked about the play all the way home and shared our excitement with our kids the next day.  Congratulations and thanks to you and everyone involved at Curtainbox for a great show.  We look forward to your next production.  

Best regards,  
Glenn K. (Patron after seeing Speed-The-Plow)

" I am so impressed with the good work you are doing at The Curtainbox. The production I saw was great and your classes sound like a worthwhile creative venture. Although I am too far away to be hands on supportive, I did want you to know I am aware and appreciative of the work you guys are doing. Best wishes for continued success. "

- David T. ( Patron )

"Congratulations to all on an excellent production of the play. The acting was superb! What a bonus to have Michael Kennedy in the cast. The first act set the stage for the second act very well. The second act had me on the edge of my seat as well as any production I've seen in large theaters. The effect was crushing, just as it should be."
Best Regards,
- Bruce (email from a Patron after seeing GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS.)
I attended Foor for Love last Saturday. It was my first time at a Curtainbox production. It won't be my last.
It's impossible for me to understand how one founds a theatre, finds a venue, and develops a company in such a short time and with what seems to be determined excellence. I ran a competitive high school theatre program in Connecticut and it demanded all of me, all of the time. Your dreams go beyond the main stage and into education. Offering an acting class for children with autism gives me goosebumps. Bravo.
Shepherd is an edgy choice and many play the drama without understanting the truth - the core. This production had a great clarity, much of which was accomplished with dynamic physicality. It's one thing to be thrown onto a bed or to jump onto a chair for dramatic effect and quite another because of its "natural" follow through of underlining motivation.
From the time I parked my car out front, I was impressed. The venue was inviting. There was warmth in the lobby and the chairs were comfortable. All of the underpinnings of a fine production were in place and ready: lighting, scene design, sound, costuming, acting and staging. These were the visibles but study, literature, choices, collaboration, vision and more were also evident. To you and your company: Thank you and Bravo.
Sincerely yours,
-Judy Luster

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