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Founding Member

Member Since 2001
Dalia Vosylius was born and raisd in California. As a child, Dalia was a member of the Lithuanian song and dance ensemble, "Spinduly's" and had the priveledge of performing all over the world including Lithuania, Australia, Canada and the United States. Dalia earned her BA in Theatre Arts from California State University, Los Angeles. Dalia has played many roles on stage and is proud to be one of the founding members of The Curtainbox Theatre Company. She currently lives in Los Angeles and continues to act as a member of Pacific Resident Theatre. Some of her favorite acting experiences include productions of "Pizza Man" and "Two Rooms" with The Curtainbox. Dalia has also appeared on television in such shows as, "Malcolm in the Middle", "Still Standing", and " The Young and The Restless." She lives with her beloved dog, Molly and is an avid hockey lover and player.