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Member Since 2009
Eddie is a company member of The Curtainbox Theatre Co. Eddie earned his BA in Theatre / Acting from Illinois State University. Eddie finished as a regional finalist in the American College Theater Festival in 2005. Upon returning home, Eddie has performed with many area theatre groups including, Harrison Hilltop Theatre, The Green Room, Circa 21, Prenzie Players and The Curtainbox Theatre Co. Some of Eddie's favorite roles include: Katurian in The Pillowman, Billy Bigelow in Carousel, Jamie in Retreat from Moscow, Phil in The Shape of Things, Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire, Segismund in Life is a Dream, Elliot in Empty Nest, Oedipusin Oedipus Rex and Jackin The Boys Next Door. This is Eddie's second production with The Curtainbox, he recently played Danny in Danny and the Deep Blue Sea. Eddie's film credits include playing Tennessee in DOG JACK by McDougal Productions and Alec in SUNRISE with Omega Creative Group.