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This season the Curtainbox will be offering two acting master classes, each appropriate for all levels of acting experience. In each class the student will learn how to analyze the written material to build a compelling performance. We will discuss and practice creating a character, defining relationships, determining specific intentions, and making bold, yet appropriate choices which will all lead to a strong and effective performance.

Monologue and Song  Performance Class
Tuesday, May 28th from 6pm–9pm
The novice actor should come prepared to learn. We will provide you with a short monologue on the day of the class.
The actor with experience or who has taken class before should bring in a memorized monologue or song. The material should not exceed 2 minutes and 29 seconds. If the student chooses to bring a song, he/she must provide either a CD with the recorded accompaniment or bring in their own method of reproducing the accompaniment. Cuts of songs are appropriate if the full song is too time consuming.
Whether preparing a song or monologue the student is encouraged, though not required, to bring in the written version of the material for reference during class.
The student may bring one additional monologue or song which will be addressed as time allows.
CLASS FEE:  $75.00 / Student

Scene Study
Tuesday, June 11th from 6pm–9pm
The student will be assigned a particular part in a scene well in advance so that the student has sufficient time to memorize the scene before the night of the class.  Come prepared to learn and explore along with your classmates and scene partners. 
CLASS FEE:  $75.00

***PLEASE NOTE:  If you sign up for both classes you will get a $25.00 discount.  Both classes for $125.00 .

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For more information, contact Producer Kim Furness at 563-650-8121 or

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