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Hi Kim, I just want to let you know that Kevin was so prepared and did a GREAT! Job. I, unfortunately, did not get to see his Nike commercial; however, his dad said he did very good…One of the best performances. He had the judges laughing. So, he did want he needed to do. Thank you so much for the wonderful coaching. Kevin asked if he could continue to go to you. I don't know what you have available, but it is something he truly is enjoying. Thanks again, Ms. Kim, for all your time you put into Kevin. For him it just added to the confidence he already has and he truly went there and enjoyed himself.
- Sue Alberts

My parents wanted me to become a Doctor, but I had a passion for acting. Acting was always something that I loved to do, but I never really knew the intricacies of the art form. Kim saw talent in me and began to truly encourage and believe in my dreams. I honestly don't know where I would be without her. Studying with Kim, allowed me to understand the passion, drive and determination it takes to be an actor. I had to need it, not just want it. Through Kim's acute eye for truthful, and honest work, she opened me up to understanding that power that I had. I thank God that I had such a powerful force in my life to propell me into this craft for a career, not just a hobby. Now studying at Carnegie Mellon University, I often hear my teachers talk about the same things that Kim talked about, and that affirms even more, how spectacular she is.
- Joe Maddox
The Curtain Box Theatre Co.'s Theatre Class for Children with Autism, couldn't have come at a more perfect time in my sons life. He loves movies and had been saying he was going to be the next Mike Myers... I was thinking he needed to take a class of some sort to gain some socialization skills. When I heard about this acting class for kids with autism I thought, "how perfect" a class with his interests in mind! I signed him up as his birthday present for his 8th birthday. I think that maiden voyage, first session, taught both the students and the teachers something special! I was excited to sign him up for the next sessions. As the program has progressed, I have seen my son, the other students and the instructors grow! I can't wait to see how my son and the program will grow in 2011!
- Jennifer Littrell - East Moline, IL
Kim's theatre has allowed me to do certain things I have wanted to do all my life, such as bieng in a "movie/ commercial" and writing a "movie/ commercial". Also, it was so nice to interact with others who have some of the same interests as I.
- Emily Baker
"We cannot begin to tell you and Kim how much we appreciate your taking the time and caring enough to offer this wonderful class! Our son enjoys Curtainbox so much. He always makes sure he does his homework and looks forward to going to class! We have seen a difference not only in his vocalization but in his self confidence. Even his teachers noticed the change before they knew he was taking the class. This has been one of the best experiences for him, and for us!"
- Deb (son enrolled in Theatre for Children with Autism)
"Chris has really been enjoying the Autism Theatre Class. We have really noticed a change in him. He has been initiating conversations with me on the way home from the classes, which he never used to do. Also, his instructors at school have noticed an increase in his talkativeness. Congrats to you on a wonderful experience and class."
-Dave S.
" The alternate route we were given when having a child with a special need is often a very lonely road. It is people like you that we meet along the way that continue to brighten our path and help us see the many beautiful sites along our road!"
- Dawn T. (Regarding the Theatre for Children with Autism Class )
" Kim! Kim! Kim! I landed the gig! I got the job! Thank you so much for your help with the monologues, the work we did changed the direction of them completely and that is what I used and apparently it DID THE TRICK!. "
- Ryan W. ( Regarding a private coaching session to prepare for an audition.)
" Kim, you are an exceptional person. Your generosity and inclusivity is apparent in all that you do in your efforts to teach. A natural leader you have honed interpersonal skills that make you accessible and magnetic. The sincere interest you have in everyone is unique. What you have is special and that's what makes the Curtain Box special. And that's why it is and will continue to be a success. " Kind regards
- Tom Goodall ( Student in Adult Acting )

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